Sneaky Summer AC Repairs

Hot under the collar?

Fort Worth summer ac problems

Problems with your air conditioning seem to come up, right at the worst possible times; like, when you really-really need it to be working well. When the demands on the air conditioning system increase – when summer temperatures increase – the chance for problems and repairs increases. Common repair calls for home and business air conditioning systems include:

AC Sealing refrigerant leaks

Many people refer to “refrigerant” as “Freon”, even though Freon is (fun fact!) a particular brand name. Refrigerant is the chemical concoction that cools the air as it runs through the system; when the air conditioning system starts to “lose its cool,” it is because there is a leak in one of the hoses that transport this refrigerant throughout the system. Refrigerant is such an important part of the air conditioning system. Without it, the system only circulates the air, like a giant fan. Trying to track and repair these leaks on your own is a hassle no homeowner or business-owner wants to deal with. Getting a system check-up in the spring, before a leak becomes terribly obvious, is the ideal avoidance tactic for this problem.

Cleaning of the condensate lines

Condensate lines are another essential piece of an air conditioning system. A small bit of debris or buildup in the lines can cause water to leak into your home, and the attendant problems to that are something no one wants to deal with! A regular air conditioning maintenance call can easily prevent this hassle.

Replacing the fan belt

Fan belts are a piece of the system that receives a lot of wear and tear, and no fan belt will last forever. There may be a noticeable squealing noise from the air conditioning unit, or there may be no way to know if the fan belt needs replacing without a visual inspection of the unit. Either way, the fan belt is often relatively simple and inexpensive to replace, and regular inspections and maintenance can detect the problem very early on, and prevent a costly emergency call charge later in the summer.

Major system component repair or replacement

While three of these four common repairs are relatively simple to detect and deal with, sometimes a major part breaks or fails. Early, regular inspections can detect potential problems down the line, and provide you, the home or business owner, the opportunity to replace the part before it breaks.

So, how do I avoid these common AC repair problems?

The best solution is to always consult a trained air conditioning services and repair technician early in the year, before you really need your system working in tip-top shape. A spring checkup on your system can be just as important as your own personal yearly checkups at the doctor’s office. By allowing a technician to examine and locate potential problems in your central air conditioning system early in the year, you won’t be hot under the collar in the summer!

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