Summer Savings Guide: Insulation

Insulation InstallationDid you know that investing in high quality insulation could save you hundreds of dollars each year? If you are looking for ways to save money on your cooling costs this summer, the answer could be in your attic and your walls. A poorly insulated home is an inefficient home in the summertime, and many older homes and modern homes simply have low-grade product that does nothing to reduce thermal transferring.

Here at Metro Express Service, our experts perform air conditioner maintenance in homes that are poorly insulated. Here is your guide to understanding why that fluffy material inside the walls and attic of your home is so important.

Insulated Walls Are Just as Important in Summer as in Winter

Many people mistakenly assume that insulation is only really important in the winter months because it keeps hot air inside the home. While it does work to keep hot air inside the walls of a home, it also works to keep cool air from escaping.

Your air conditioner works very hard to cool the air in your home, but it cannot do the job all on its own. No matter how efficient your AC is, it cannot stop heat from entering your home through the drywall and the roofing materials. As heat transfers through the structure, it warms up the room and causes the AC to kick on to cool it down. Without a quality rated product, the cool air will escape through the walls as hot air makes its way through.

As you can see, proper insulation levels are important in both summer and winter.

Insulation Installation Will Pay for Itself

Your comfort is very important, but comfort comes at a cost. If you want to reduce the cost you pay for comfort, insulation installation is the answer. We have seen homeowners save as much as 70% off of their heating and cooling costs when we install products with a higher R-value in their home. This translates into hundreds of dollars in the span of a year or less.

Get Better Insulation Today

Trust a reliable Fort Worth air conditioner company to install high-grade insulation in your home, and conserve this summer. At Metro Express Service, we offer reliable service at a price that you can afford. Call us at 817-516-0700, and discuss your options for insulating your home.


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