The Best HVAC Systems for 2020

Best HVAC SystemsWhen you’re at home, shoes off, kicking back after a long day at work, you deserve to enjoy your living room in total comfort. Here in Dallas, temperatures rise drastically as summer rolls around, and you’ll need an HVAC system that can take the heat.

To make sure you enjoy your home in comfort, we’re exploring the top heating and air conditioning systems for 2020.

Key Features of a Top-Rated HVAC System

We could launch right into our list of top HVAC systems, but those wouldn’t mean a thing to you unless you knew what you were looking for in a system. You need to understand the key features of a top-rated HVAC system here in Dallas.

  • Energy Efficiency — If your goal is to save money each month, then an energy-efficient HVAC system should top your list. To evaluate the efficiency of new models, look for the SEER rating. A 13 score is the minimum, but the most efficient models on the market have a score of 28.
  • Sound — No one, and we do mean no one, wants to endure a noisy HVAC system. Some even sound like a jet engine in your home. Look for a decibel rating on the system. The standard HVAC decibel rating is between 25 and 55 decibels. The lower the number, the better.
  • Warranty — Ideally, your HVAC system will last for many decades to come. Most come with a standard warranty of 5 to 10 years. Find one that suits your needs.

Our Top HVAC System Picks

Now that you have a better understanding of what makes a top-rated HVAC system, let’s explore a few models for the year.

  • York Affinity Series YXV — An energy efficiency SEER rating of 20, with a sound evaluation of 9/10, and a 10-year parts limited warranty.
  • Amana ASXC16 — An energy efficiency SEER rating of 17, with a sound rating of 9/10, and a lifetime unit replacement warranty for the compressor.
  • Trane XV18 TruComfort Variable Speed — An energy efficiency SEER rating of 18, a 10/10 sound rating (it’s the quietest system released by Trane), and a Trane Base Limited Warranty that covers manufacturer defects.

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Randy Murphy

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