Thermostat Repair and Installation with Metro Express Service

Your thermostat is the brain of your air conditioning and heating system, and when its’ not working properly, your system could be failing you. If you’re having frustrating thermostat malfunction issues, call the professionals at Metro Express Service. We are a full-service heating and air conditioning company in Arlington TX and our expertise and training gives us the edge when it comes to thermostat repair and installation.

Thermostats regulate the temperature in your home or office building. When a thermostat is working properly, you can program a temperature setting for a comfortable living and working environment. Thermostats have built-in technology that allows them to sense the temperature inside your home or office and make slight adjustments based on your preferred setting. When this technology is damaged or broken, the sensors cannot determine the room’s temperature. If you are experiencing thermostat issues, call our team of HVAC experts at Metro Express Service for your thermostat repair.

Technology is constantly evolving, HVAC technology included. Some thermostat models have become outdated and cannot keep up with your daily energy needs. Our HVAC technicians at Metro Express Service are fully qualified to install the newest thermostat technology in your home or office. An updated thermostat will help cut down on energy costs in the long run and can make your home or office more energy-efficient.

If you’d like your thermostat to work the way you program it, trust our team at Metro Express Service to help. We specialize in thermostat repair and installation in Arlington and can help you with any HVAC problem you may be facing. Call us today at 817-516-0700 or 972-607-9788 to schedule a consultation. You can also contact us by using our online form.


Randy Murphy

Randy Murphy has been building his knowledge of the air conditioning and heating business for several years now. He first started applying his knowledge while working for his father’s HVAC company. Later, in 1987, Randy started his own business: Metro Express Service. He has been a top 10 Trane & Amana dealer for over eight years. When it comes to heating and cooling, Randy knows the business better than anyone.
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