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There are several types of residential air conditioners to choose from, including central, window, and portable. Central air has long been the gold standard, and industry renown Trane sells only central air conditioners.  A central air conditioner is designed to cool all of the home’s living space.

There are two types of central air conditioners: packaged systems and split systems. A packaged system is all system components contained in a single unit. A split system is comprised of two parts: an outdoor unit, containing the compressor, and the indoor air handler, containing the fan and coil. Trane offers several models, enabling you to select a unit designed for your home and budget.

Trane products offer energy efficiency and superior reliability. Trane products are rated among the top five brands in the industry.

Trane Models

Trane offers AC models from budget-friendly to top-of-the-line. Central air conditioners include the following models:


The XR13 is Trane’s most budget-friendly central air conditioner. While this model isn’t Energy Star approved, it offers many of the components and features available in Trane’s higher-end models. The XR13 can save you as much as 42 percent on energy.


The XR14 is rated by Trane as its best value. Energy Star approved, the XR14 offers possible energy savings of up to 50 percent. What sets it apart from the XR13 is an upgraded fan.


The XR16 is an economical split system, and like all Trane models, it offers Trane’s CleanEffects. CleanEffects is a sophisticated air filtration system capable of removing pollen, dust, and other particulates from the conditioned air.


As with other Trane’s, the XR16i offers a lower-cost alternative than the XR16 with a slightly reduced SEER. The reduced sound fan is available as an option. With the air handler located indoors with a split system, homeowner’s often like the option of quieter operation.

XR16 Low-Profile

When space is limited this XR16 variant offers just what is needed for a restrictive space such as under decks or in condos. It is available in seven different models of varying sizes.


The previous Trane models use a single-stage compressor, running on high capacity only. The XR17

relies on a two-stage compressor, meaning it can run on high or low capacity, according to your home’s needs. This ability provides greater energy efficiency, enabling it to run on low when high capacity isn’t needed.

XV20i TruComfort Variable Speed 22

With potential energy savings of 60 percent, the XV20i is Trane’s most energy-efficient air conditioner in its central AC line. The split system XV20i uses Trane’s TruComfort variable speed technology. This technology enables it to operate at the exact speed needed to keep your home comfortable. This technology provides a near match to the set temperature on your thermostat and avoids temperature swings. The variable speed technology changes the operating speed and BTU in response to changes in outdoor temperature. Providing small increments of change in slowing down or speeding up maintains your comfort closely to the thermostat preference.

The XV20i also provides Trane’s ComfortLink II with communicating technology that allows all components to interact. This feature provides automatic configuration and calibration for optimal efficiency and performance. Give us a call today to learn more about the XV20i.

XV18 TruComfort Variable Speed

The XV18 holds the distinction of being Trane’s quietest central air conditioner. Featuring a variable speed compressor, an integrated fan system, and with compressor sound insulator, the sound is reduced to 55 decibels, whereas most Trane split systems produce sound from 69 to 76 decibels.

Other features of the XV18 include Trane’s ComfortLink II technology. The ComfortLink II communicates with compatible indoor units. The XV18 connects components in the AC system for automatic calibration and configuration. The result is the  delivery of a consistent flow of cool air at the rate required.


The XL18i is a two-stage split system air conditioner. However, it lacks the ComfortLink II and TruComfort technologies. While lower in cost than the XV18, this model lacks the quietness but offers the same energy efficiency.


The XR14c is a packaged central unit. This means all of its components are located in a single unit. It is also available in a heat pump and furnace. It lacks Energy Star approval but offers a powerful airflow and stainless steel heat exchanger.


The Energy Star compliant XL15c provides a variable speed Vortika motor blower. It’s available with Trane’s ComfortR airflow mode for excellent humidity control and clean air quality.

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