Trane Heat Pump Troubleshooting Guide

Arlington, TX – If you are having problems with your Trane heat pump this guide may be beneficial to you. Metro Express Service does not recommend homeowners attempting to troubleshoot and fix heat pumps as it can be dangerous. However, for there are a few things that you can check yourself that are easy and harmless to investigate. If none of the troubleshooting steps below help resolve your problem, then we recommend contacting us for professional service.

Why is the Heat Pump not Heating or Cooling?

One of the most common problems with this tends to be the thermostat settings. Inspect your thermostat and ensure that it is set to the proper phase. If you are trying to heat the home, ensure that the temperature setting is between 2 to 4 degrees above room temperature. If you are trying to cool the home, follow the same steps, except the temperature setting should be below room temperature.

If this does not resolve the issue, then we suggest you give Metro Express Service a call and setup an appointment at your earliest convenience. One of our professional heating and cooling technicians from our Arlington, TX or surrounding DFW offices will come take a look.

Why is my Heat Pumps Fan Not Running?

Two of the most common reasons for this is usually that the breaker may have flipped or there is a bad fuse. If it is a bad fuse, try replacing the fuse and if is a flipped breaker try flipping the circuit breaker. Another possibility could be that the electrical wiring may have worn-out. This will need to be repaired by a professional HVAC technician.

It is always best to let a professional handle repairing an appliance when it involves exposing yourself to electrical components to reduce to risk of electrocution. If the above steps do not help, then contact Metro Express Service to setup an appointment with one of our professional technicians.

Why is There Ice on the Heat Pumps Outdoor Coil?

Common reasons with ice buildup tend to be due to defective components or low on refrigerant. If it is a defective component it could possibly be the defroster timer or control module. If it is the refrigerant you can determine this by inspecting the copper pipes. One of the pipes should be cold to the touch, if not then you most likely have a leak. Either way, any of these problems will require professional service from one of our Arlington-based or DFW based HVAC technicians.

Why is the Air Flow Non-Existent from my Heap Pump?

Two of the most common reasons behind low or no air flow is due to the outdoor unit being obstructed and / or a dirty air filter. Inspect the outdoor unit and clear away any debris you may find such as grass clippings, sticks and leaves. Also inspect the air filter and replace it if it has not been replaced within the last couple of months. Once you have accomplished these two things inspect the airflow again and if its back to normal then you have resolved the problem. If not, then it could be something much more complicated and will require the service of a professional HVAC technician.

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