What Does AC Maintenance Include?

What Does AC Maintenance IncludePeople around the world are familiar with the legendary heat in Texas. For half the state, that heat comes with brutal humidity, and only a powerful air conditioner will suffice. Even in the dry half of the state, the temperatures reach and stay so high that lesser forms of cooling rarely get the job done. When you live in Texas, you need a good air conditioner. That’s the bottom line.

Then again, air conditioners can be expensive to run and even more expensive to purchase. If you want to minimize operation costs and avoid buying a replacement unit, your AC needs regular maintenance. A professional maintenance service will cover the basics. When MES comes to check your cooling system, we’ll cover five categories of inspection and maintenance. With these five pillars, we can ensure that your system is working at its best and primed to last you for many more years of service.

1. Thermostat

Every good maintenance session will take a good, long look at the thermostat (although it doesn’t have to take up a ton of time). The thermostat is the main controller for the system. Any problem here will proliferate across the system and create many problems to follow.

More often than not, when we get a call about a malfunctioning AC, the issue is found in the thermostat. With modern smart thermostats, it’s doubly important to ensure that your thermostat is working correctly. Thankfully, experienced technicians can test and assess even the most advanced thermostats with great efficiency. They will ensure that the thermostat is reading and relaying information accurately.

2. Circuits

Your AC system runs on electricity. All circuits need to remain in good working order. Your technician can check the electricity’s current and resistance on all key components of the electrical system. These readings provide invaluable information to a professional.

We can identify problems before they spiral and replace minor pieces at the first sign of trouble. This keeps a system healthy for a long time. It saves you money, and it prevents you from facing a hot day with an unexpected AC problem.

3. Moving Parts

The moving parts in the air conditioner are some of the parts likely to wear out and fail. The compressor ultimately uses spinning components to actively cool the air. These moving parts endure stress on a regular basis.

AC maintenance involves inspecting these parts. The inspector will also lubricate them and sometimes clean them. These steps dramatically expand the life of the moving parts in the system. They also give your expert technician a chance to identify potential trouble and resolve it before you’re left sweating in the heat.

4. Lines

Condensation lines are pivotal to every air-conditioning system. Where hot and cold air meet, condensation occurs, especially in humid climates. This buildup of water can cause significant problems when it isn’t channeled correctly. Condensation can lead to rust and other oxidation degradation. It can also short electrical components and kill the entire system.

Modern AC units have safety switches to prevent shorting when condensation gets out of control. Your technician can fix blockages or other condensation issues before they get this far, and they can check that the safety systems are in place.

5. Air Filter

Maintaining the air filter is often the simplest part of AC maintenance, but it is incredibly important. The filter directly affects the air quality inside the house. A fresh air filter can help combat allergies and illnesses.

Replacing the air filter is also good for the AC system. Preventing contaminants and destructive particles from cycling through the system reduces overall wear and tear. A simple filter replacement can save you thousands of dollars in AC repair or replacement down the line.

You can see why it is so important to maintain your AC system. It works better and lasts longer, and that’s good news for everyone. One of the most important times to get maintenance is before spring weather fully warms up. You can get the unit tested and optimized before it goes into full-time use and has to survive the summer.

Metro Express Service is Here for You

That said, maintenance can be performed at any point in the year, and Metro Express Service is here to provide that maintenance for you. We’ll keep your air conditioner in top shape, and you won’t have to worry about it letting you down. Contact Metro Express Service online or by phone at 817-516-0700.


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