Year: 2019

Why Does My Air Conditioning Hum?

Typically, your air conditioning system will make a slight humming sound while in use. It’s completely normal, for the most part. However, if you notice a distinct change in the tone or volume of the humming, it could be a condenser fan motor or contractor relay switch. Either one could be potentially problematic over time….

How Attic Insulation Increases HVAC Efficiency

If you have an attic in your home, you would be surprised to learn that much of your heating and cooling loss goes through the attic. But if you add in the proper insulation, the attic can offer huge energy savings per month. Furthermore, your heating and cooling system will operate more efficiently. It’s a…

Your Complete Guide to Spring Air Conditioning

With winter firmly behind us, it’s time to prepare for the warmer months. Depending on the weather, your air conditioning system may need a bit of attention. To help you avoid annoyances, like a busted air conditioner on a hot day, it’s always recommended that you perform regular maintenance. Spring is often the best time…

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