AC and Energy Saving Tips

Arlington, TX – If you are looking for reducing how often your AC runs and are looking for energy saving tips continue reading on. Professional maintenance is key to your air conditioner’s service life, best performance, and comfort. In between maintenance appointments, use the following tips to aid your air conditioning systems performance. Check out our energy-saving tips to both enhance your AC’s performance and efficiency. The following are simple tasks the homeowner can provide to help the unit function properly.


  • Air filters require cleaning or replacing at least once per month. During abnormally dusty conditions, check them more often. Conditions that may apply include indoor remodeling, increased dusty or pollen conditions outdoors, or others. An excessively dirty air filter will constrict the airflow. This can result in reduced efficiency, increased wear and tear on the unit, indoor air pollution, ineffective performance, and the increased need for coil cleaning and repairs. Finally, ensure you are using the correct air filter for your unit. For example, using a HEPA filter in a unit not designed for it can result in damage.
  • Ensure air supply vents in every room are open and not blocked. Never obstruct vents and keep them open. Blocked vents can result in the air handler working harder than is necessary. Furthermore, if duct seals are insufficient, conditioned air can leak into an attic, crawlspace, or basement wasting energy and money.

Tips to Save on Energy

  1. Close the fireplace damper to avoid wasting energy.
  2. Inspect door gaskets and window caulk for gaps or damage and replace if necessary.
  3. Close blinds and drapes on the sunny side of your home. Trees offer shade where it is an average 20 degrees cooler. Consider planting a tree to reduce heat gain from the afternoon sun.
  4. Increase attic insulation to reduce heat gain in the living space below.
  5. Shading the outdoor condenser is an effective way to reduce the work load. However, it is vitally important to not surround the condenser or to block air flow. As a general rule of thumb overhead shade should be at least 5 feet above it. Maintain the minimal 2 – 4 foot clearance surrounding the unit sides, with 4 feet being ideal.
  6. Replace the thermostat batteries. It’s a good reminder to replace the thermostat and smoke detector batteries at the same time. Always keep spare batteries on hand for your thermostat.
  7. Don’t ignore problems requiring repair. Even small problems can become larger problems resulting in more costly repairs. Contact our technicians for AC repair today.
  8. To lower your electric bill, raise the thermostat to a comfortable temperature that will remove humidity.
  9. Use ceiling fans in occupied rooms. Fans cool the person, and not the room. So turn them off when you leave the room to save energy.
  10. Don’t locate potential heat sources near the thermostat. Televisions, and lamps create heat and can cause the thermostat to sense heat and run unnecessarily. Furniture in front of a thermostat is also a source of increased energy consumption. Close curtains or blinds if sunlight hits the thermostat.
  11. Adjust your water heaters temperature to no more than 120 degrees to prevent scalding. A lower temperature will also save on energy and costs.

Routine Tasks to Save on AC Energy Use

  1. Do laundry and operate fully loaded dishwashers early in the morning to reduce heat indoor during the heat of the day.
  2. When possible, cooking early in the day will reduce the workload on your air conditioning system.
  3. Use the bathroom exhaust fan when showering to remove heat and humidity.
  4. Keep the area surrounding your outdoor unit free of overgrown plants, tree limbs, debris or clutter. A minimum of a 2 – 4 foot clearance is necessary to maintain the proper airflow around the unit. This will assist in maintaining its efficiency and performance.
  5. Take care when mowing the lawn. Never direct the chute towards your AC unit. Doing so can cause dirty, inefficient coils or even damage from rocks or debris.
  6. Vacuum the air intake routinely. Dust and lint will build up and reduce airflow. Like a dirty filter, a clogged intake will increase the systems workload, reduce service life, and decrease your comfort.
  7. During maintenance, the drain line is inspected and cleaned if required. Bacteria, algae and dust or debris can result in a clogged drain line. For indoor coils, this can result in water on the floor. Outdoors, you may notice water pooling around the unit. Call Metro Express Service for AC repair. Not only can water cause damage to your home, a clogged drain line will increase indoor humidity, reducing your comfort.

Items to Replace to Save on AC Energy Use

  1. Installing a programmable thermostat prevents forgotten temperature adjustments when you are away from home. The conveniences are numerous depending on the model, and ultimately saves energy and money while ensuring a comfortable home when you return.
  2. Install a new energy efficient heat pump.
  3. Consider switching to cooler lighting options such as LED bulbs. Not only do they use a fraction of the electricity, they also operate coolly, producing minimal heat to rooms. Use natural light from windows when possible, but avoid allowing direct sunlight to enter the space.

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