The Dangers of Black Mold

Black MoldYou may have heard of black mold and some of the horror stories that occur when it spreads out of control. Heavy exposure to this substance can lead to serious health problems such as lung damage. But there are steps you can take to substantially lower your risk of having to deal with this problem, including making sure that your air conditioner does a sufficient job of removing indoor humidity.

How it Forms

Any type of mold needs a food source as well as air and moisture. The best way of reducing your risk of black mold is to make sure that your home remains dry. That means making sure your bathrooms and kitchens don’t have leaks and making sure air is circulating properly to all areas of your home.

If you notice a musty smell, that means there’s a good chance mold is forming somewhere. It can grow on many types of materials; for instance, mildew is basically nothing more than mold that grows on bathroom tiles and fabrics. Because black mold can form so quickly, you need to take steps to reduce the risk. These include:

  • Fixing any water leak immediately
  • Purchasing a dehumidifier if your home’s relative humidity is regularly 55 percent or higher
  • Not leaving wet towels on your floor

Serious Issues

When a home has a serious problem with mold and other pollutants it can develop what is known as “Sick House Syndrome.” This can lead to the following health issues:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Skin irritation
  • Fatigue
  • Watery eyes

One of the ways black mold can accumulate is through your air conditioning system. If your AC does not do a good enough job of controlling humidity, mold can grow and then spread throughout your home. That’s why it’s so important that you clean or replace your air filters every month during cooling season to keep dirt and mold spores from spreading through your ducts.

It’s crucial that you have your air conditioning system inspected often to make sure there are no leaks in your ducts or any kinds of obstructions that could help aid the formation of black mold. If you would like more information or schedule an appointment, contact Metro Express Service online or call us at 972-263-2500.


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