How to Handle Fall and Winter Allergies in Texas

WhileIndoor Air Quality the long, hot summer can leave many of us longing for cooler weather, fall and winter can be downright miserable for those with allergies in Texas. As your local HVAC specialists, our team at Metro Express Service appreciates how important clean ducts and filters can be for maintaining indoor air quality. In addition to scheduling an annual cleaning and inspection of your home’s ductwork, we’ve put together some quick tips for getting indoor allergens under control.

Keep Allergens Out

Maintaining a clean indoor environment is crucial to beating allergies in Texas during the cool seasons. Make sure to remove shoes and other outerwear at the door to avoid spreading pollen, mold spores, and other allergens you may have picked up outside. If you have a dog, wiping down paws and coats after an outdoor trip can help to reduce indoor allergens as well.

During the worst of allergy season, it is also a good idea to avoid opening windows. Instead, let your heating or cooling systems filter your breathing air. To eliminate allergens already in the home, consider purchasing a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter, and make sure to vacuum frequently and thoroughly.

Duct and Filter Maintenance

Maintaining clean ducts and replacing filters monthly are two of the most important things you can do to reduce allergens and improve your home’s air quality. As your HVAC system works to heat and cool your home, it is also filtering out airborne particles. Particulate buildup on filters and ducts not only reduces the overall efficiency of your unit, it can actually lead to an increase in the circulation of indoor allergens.

At Metro Express Service, we know that allergies in Texas are nothing to sneeze at. Let our experienced technicians help by eliminating the dust, pollen, and dander from your HVAC systems. Schedule your duct cleaning today by calling us at [phone], or filling out our online form.


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