Arlington, TX – Furnace maintenance is the answer to prolonging the life, and the performance of your heating system. It entails a comprehensive checkup to find any problems the system may be having. Additionally, maintenance includes a professional tune-up to ensure that the furnace or heat pump is performing adequately.

One of the most popular questions we receive is, “Do I really have to have furnace maintenance?”

The answer we always give is absolutely. The adage, “You need to spend money in order to make money.” sort of applies here.  However, in this situation perhaps it is, “You need to spend money in order to save money.”

Ask any professional heating and air service company the same question and you will always get the same answer. Furnace maintenance will save you money in the long haul. It will also help you and your family stay more comfortable too.

To go further in-depth on this subject we will go over some of the most common questions about maintenance. We will also provide you with the answers you are looking for.

What Does Furnace Maintenance Include?

Furnace maintenance includes inspecting all the furnace or heat pump’s critical inner parts. We test, clean, and lubricate those inner parts as is warranted. We may also replace some inner parts that appear that they may be on the brink of breaking down. The reason we do this is that part may play a major role in another part. If it breaks down it could cause more damage and expenses. A good analogy would be if a rubber washer fails in your outdoor faucet. Time goes by and you don’t notice it until you receive a sky-high water bill.

  • Some of the specifics with furnace maintenance include:
  • Lubricating any of the moving inner parts
  • Inspecting the air filter to see whether it needs to be replaced and/or cleaned
  • Examining the burner and flame sensor to ensure it is working optimally
  • Canvas the electrical connections for damage or lose connections
  • Inspection of the belts and replace them if there are any signs of possible tearing
  • Look over the heat exchanger for corrosion or possible damage
  • Check out the ventilation system and intake grilles, and removing anything that could hamper airflow
  • Examine the thermostat to ensure it is correctly configured and calibrated correctly
  • A thorough examination of the blower motor
  • Cleaning the blower and removing any debris found
  • Test the furnace or heat pump’s safety controls and startup cycle

I have a Natural Gas Furnace, what does Maintenance Include?

If you have a furnace that uses oil or gas instead of electricity, there are additional steps that we include. These steps include:

  • Inspecting the fuel lines for possible natural gas leaks
  • Examining the thermocouple for any problems
  • Inspecting and testing the gas pressure, burner, and pilot for possible issues

How Often Should I Have a Furnace Tune-up?

Metro Express Service in Dallas – Fort Worth & Arlington, TX highly recommends that you receive a furnace tune-up at least once per year. However, if you have a heat pump you should investigate having a tune-up twice a year. This is because your heat pump also provides cooling during the summer.

When you receive annual furnace maintenance you will ensure that your system runs much more efficiently than it would otherwise. Annual maintenance will provide you with better indoor air quality, and lower operating costs. This ultimately lowers the cost of possible repairs in the future. However, depending on the number of people and/or pets in your home, you may consider having maintenance performed more often. On top of that, if anyone in your home has severe respiratory problems, you may need to have maintenance performed every quarter of the year.

When Should I have Furnace Maintenance Done?

Idealistically, you should investigate having furnace maintenance done before winter sets in. We recommend that you have your furnace or heat pump inspected during the fall before the cold sets in. That way when the cold spell rolls in you will be confident that you can count on your furnace or heat pump to work efficiently.

Are there any Benefits to having Furnace Maintenance done Yearly?

Absolutely! The benefits of having furnace maintenance annually far outweigh the small cost associated with it.  Some of those benefits include:

Cutting Costs – Regular furnace maintenance ensures that the system operates as efficiently as it did the day you installed it. This will lower the costs of operating the system. You will most likely always save more money from operating costs than what it costs for the maintenance service.

Warranties – Many companies will include in their terms and agreements that the warranty may be voided if the system does not receive regular maintenance.  If you own a furnace or heat pump that requires regular tune-ups then it is imperative that you receive annual maintenance in order to ensure your warranty stays intact.

Fewer Breakdowns – When your furnace or heat pump receives a tune-up our professional technicians inspect the inner parts for possible problems. Some of those inner parts may fail, yet the system will continue to operate. However, those smaller parts that do fail could cause damage to the bigger, more expensive parts.

Regular furnace maintenance will ensure that minor problems are identified and taken care of before they become a much more serious and costly issue later down the road. This ultimately means that the probability of a breakdown occurring will be much lower than if you do not have regular maintenance.

Service Life – When you receive regular maintenance for your heat pump or furnace it will also increase the service life of the system. If your system is well-maintained, it will typically last fifteen or more years.  Whereas if your system is neglected, it may only give you 3 – 5 years before it begins to break down.

What is the Cost of Furnace Maintenance?

Believe it or not, furnace maintenance is one of the most affordable services you can receive. While the exact price could very well change depending on if the furnace or heat pump does need repairs. You can view our discounts page to see our existing promotions for furnace maintenance.  However, if you really want to get the best deal then contact us to learn about our maintenance plans.

You can reach Metro Express Service at 817-476-7642 or 972-263-2500. We look forward to servicing you.



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