Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

When the Texas heat beats down, your air conditioner can be the most important and beloved appliance in your home. When your ac has trouble, life can get miserable pretty quickly. So, if you notice a water leak coming from the unit or the HVAC, you’re likely to feel a pit in your stomach.

Don’t panic. It’s not necessarily bad news. Water leaks can come from a number of issues, and some of them are easy to fix. And when you know Metro Express Service is always available to help, you don’t need to worry at all.

A Blocked Drain Pipe

The process of air-conditioning produces a fair amount of water. Usually, this water is condensed, and air with more humidity will cause the air conditioner to create more condensation. As the condensation builds up in the system, it has to be drained so it doesn’t compromise the electrical components.

That’s why there is a condensation drain pipe. Sometimes, it gets clogged with grime. When that happens, you will likely see a water leak. You also might get too much condensation building up in the system, and that can trip an internal breaker designed to prevent shorting. So, a blocked pipe can cause a leak and shut off your AC unit.

The good news is that clogged pipes can be unclogged. A pro can have everything cleaned and working like new pretty quickly. They can also assess the water damage to ensure that nothing important was compromised.

A Damaged Drain Pan

All the condensation you just read about collects in a drain pan. Pans age. As that happens, they can become rusted, cracked, or otherwise damaged. A damaged drain pan is likely to leak, and you can see that leak appear in different parts of the system.

The best remedy for a damaged drain pan is exactly what you think: a new pan. Fortunately, this is nowhere near the most expensive or cumbersome repair in the business. A seasoned veteran can have the work done pretty quickly and have your AC back online before you know it.

Low Refrigerant Levels

The air conditioner uses refrigerant in the process that cools air. If there isn’t enough refrigerant, it lowers the air pressure across the evaporator coils. This causes the air in that region to drop to temperatures even lower than normal, and this can cause the coils to completely freeze. As you might imagine, this is not ideal.

Eventually, the air conditioner shuts off. Since it’s warm enough for you to need AC in the first place, it’s warm enough that the frost on the coils will melt while the unit takes a break. When this happens, you get a bunch of extra water in the system. It can easily overwhelm the drainage infrastructure, leaving you with a leak.

Low refrigerant levels have two other tells that go with the water leak. The first is a hissing or bubbling sound. This is the sound of refrigerant leaking out of the system. The second major clue is that the air won’t be as cold as normal, and the system will struggle to keep up with your thermostat.

Refrigerant leaks require a professional to handle the gas. It is a highly regulated substance, and without proper licensing, you are not allowed to handle refrigerants for many applications. The good news is that professionals fix these problems all the time, so you’re still in good hands.

A Bad Air Filter

Air filters can have problems. When they aren’t working correctly, they disrupt airflow across the system. This can cause low pressure similar to what you might see with low refrigerant. The bottom line is that this leads to frozen coils and extra water.

Most of the time, when an air filter isn’t working, it’s because it’s dirty or clogged. It’s why the filter should be replaced every three months or so. It’s the easiest fix in the business, but if you leave the filter long enough to get a water leak, you’ll want an inspection to ensure everything else is working properly.

If your air conditioner is leaking, you want professional help. Metro Express Service can diagnose the problem quickly and get on with the repair. We won’t leave you stuck in the Texas heat with a broken AC. We’ll take care of it so you can relax in the cool air.

We don’t stop at leaky air conditioners. No matter what your system needs, we can take care of it. We do installations, repairs, upgrades, and HVAC overhauls. Whatever your needs, we have you covered. When your AC demands help, don’t hesitate to contact us. Find us online or call us at 817-516-0700.


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